UC Pro is a CooVox add-on and a powerful unified communication software suite which allows users a high level of integration, communication and collaboration between their ZYCOO CooVox telephone system and their internal business system. UC Pro‚ allows end users to work more collaboratively and collectively, getting information about callers quickly and efficiently. The UC Pro product suite is not only cost effective but also very easy to maintain and install.

The suite is a multi-platform CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) product, that designed to help users make optimal use of their telephone system. UC PRO enables full control of your handset from your computer. No need to remember codes for pickup and transfers etc and Integrates with a wide range of CRMs including salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, vTiger, XING, Zoho, SAGE and other applications including Microsoft Outlook.


UC PRO is a powerful desktop application which when combined with CooVox IPPBX system allows you to control your calls and contacts all via your standard Windows or Mac device. UC-PRO Integrates with a host of CRM systems and applications out of the box.

benefits of uc-pro

Know who is calling before answer the call (Pop-up window)
Quick access to the caller's full details.
Improve call handling and the caller's experience.
Find contacts quickly from recent dial and call history lists.
Store regular contacts in a shared phone book.
Locate and dial contacts from CRM database and other integrated applications.

Centralise contacts

UC PRO's powerful address book allows you to search on all of your contacts from a single source. This includes contacts stored in third party applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps. Once you have located the contact you need then simply click to dial.


If you work in a busy sales environment then engaging and understanding your customers is critical to your success. You have likely invested significant time and money in creating a CRM solution to track your customer engagement and sales activities. With UC PRO Integrator you can exploit your investment in CRM technology by integrating directly with your CooVox telephony solution.


UC PRO is available in three versions, Standard, Extra and integrator, A fully functional Operator panel variant is also available for receptionist type deployents


Call pop-up
Shared Address Book
Click to Dial
Outlook Integration
Google Integration
Instant Messaging
Desktop Call Control

As Standard
Plus Advanced Presence Features

As Integrator
Plus integrate with most popular CRM and business applications

Full screen client designed to allow receptionist type roles to have full call control within your organisation

Enterprise Features

small business price


UC PRO is the best CTI client in the market place today and offers an extensive feature set that links your workers together with your communications and business systems and all driven via a click of a mouse in the familar desktop environment. Some of the many features of UC PRO include.

  • Desktop POP-UP

    See who is calling you before you answer with the call popup which also allows you to answer, hang up, transfer or place a call on hold with the click of your mouse


    Built in instant messaging services allows you to communicate with other colleagues connected to your company phone system. Ideal for when on a customer call and you need to seek advice .


    CooVox provides a central phone book with which your company can store customer contact details. If a customer stored within the phone book calls your business then their name will be displayed on your phone so you know who is calling. CooVox supports click to dial from within the Phone book and also supports LDAP, plus other common address books such as Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook.


    Check status of colleagues in the Presence window. If they are “off hook”, you can see who they are talking to. By right clicking a colleague in the presence window you can undertake a host of activities such as pick up their calls, transfer calls and even see their call history (if granted permissions)

  • click to dial

    Use various ways to click to dial via address book, application based, web page, integrated application and even using the Windows Clipboard to copy numbers

  • Application Integration

    Need to understand more about your customer or update customer notes while on your call, then simply click the integrated application’s icon in the Phone or Preview window and the caller’s contact record is displayed in the integrated application.

Integrations supported out of the box include - Apple OS X Contacts, Eniro, Google Contacts, Lotus Notes, Infobel, Microsoft Outlook, ConnectWise, Goldmine, Infor CRM, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Netsuite, Sage 50, Sage Act!, Salesforce, Stylite, Sugar CRM, SuperOffice, VTiger and Zoho CRM

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