The EX16S by ZYCOO is 16 port FXS Gateway designed for plug and play integration with all ZYCOO CooVox V2 series systems and is an ideal solutions for organizations wishing to move to a SIP based IPPBX system without the expense and effort required to replace existing phones, wiring and without disrupting day to day business activities

Enterprise Features

small business price

Plug and PlayConfiguration with COOVOX IPPBX

EX16S Gateway has been designed specifically for plug and play integration with the whole CooVox Version 2 Series IPPBX systems so that attached analogue phones inherit almost all innovative VoIP call features from the CooVox V2 series IPPBX system. Between 1 and 31 EX16S Gateways can be deployed simultaneously (varies dependent on which CooVox model deployed)


while retaining existing analogue phones

and existing wiring

  • Powerful hardware platform

    EX16S comes equipped with powerful 1GHz dual-core A7 processor and 512MB DDR3 SDRAM to ensure superior performance

  • Scalable Solution

    Between one and thirty one EX16S gateways can be deployed which means a maximum of 496 Analogue phones can be connected

  • Plug and Play

    EX16S is designed to fully integrate with your Coovox Version 2 system and from version 2.1.6 firmware. Simply auto-scan your network for EX16S Gateways and choose the extensions to use, all from your CooVox GUI


    EX16S is designed only to work with COOVOX V2 systems. Attached analogue phones will inherit almost all CooVox extensions properties and certain settings from direct from the CooVox system including tone zone, time zone, feature codes and system voice prompts

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