CooVox V2 is a third generation IPPBX developed by Zycoo and builds on the success of ZYCOO’s previous generation ZX and CooVox V1 Series to deliver the most advanced unified communication solution in the market today. This low cost device packs a powerful punch, with a rich feature set that can rival the most expensive of Enterprise solutions in today’s market place. CooVox UC is built on powerful Open Source Asterisk 13, so unlike Cloud solutions, there is no ongoing per user costs and therefore will significantly reduce a businesses Telecoms Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over the products lifetime.

REDUCE YOURcommunications costs

Coovox UC IPPBX is built on powerful open source Asterisk 13 technology, meaning a business benefits from the full feature set embedded within the world's most popular open source telephony solution. Additionally, as an open source product, the core solution has no upfront or ongoing license costs or restrictions.


CooVox is an extremely cost effective solution for any SME. The core product is available for a competitive upfront charge and there are no license restrictions or software annual subscription and software upgrade costs. This results in a much lower total cost of ownership when compared to legacy telecom solutions and cloud based solutions that tie businesses into monthly and annual charges.

retain control

An on-premise solution such as CooVox allows a business to retain full control over their telecommunications needs. There are no restrictions on what features you can have and you won't be forced into changes your business doesn't necessarily want unlike a shared or cloud based service.


CooVox comes with a host of Enterprise Class features meaning that however succesful your company becomes, you will never out grow your CooVox system. Features such as conferencing will allow you to reduce company travel time and costs and built in VPN Server technology allows you to securely scale out your business telephone system to home and remote workers

Modelsfor every size of business

CoovVox range comprises of four models each designed with the same core features and functionality. Choose the model that best matches the size of your organisation and any requirement you may have for connecting to external PSTN (Analogue or ISDN) or GSM

Description CooVox U20 CooVox U50 CooVox U80 CooVox U100
Concurrent Calls Maximum 15 Maximum 30 Maximum 60 Maximum 100
Extensions 30 100 200 500
Voicemails 36000 minutes(GSM) 36000 minutes(GSM) 90000 minutes(GSM) 4500000 minutes(GSM)
Recordings 4000 Minutes (WAV) 4000 Minutes (WAV) 9000 Minutes (WAV) 45000 Minutes (WAV)
Storage (onboard) 8GB SD Card 8GB SD Card 16GB on-board EMMC 16GB on-board EMMC plus 500GB Hard Drive

Enterprise Features

small business price


ZYCOO CooVox UC is a powerful,feature rich and cost effective IPPBX system designed for Small and Medium sized businesses ranging from 1 to 500 users. It is built on open source Asterisk technology and therefore the core CooVox solution has no licensing costs or restrictions. Below are a few of the many features available in CooVox

  • Built on OPen standards

    Built on Industry Standards and therefore works with any SIP or IAX compliant endpoint device so you aren’t tied to a single manufacturer and can shop around for the best value products

  • Customer Address book

    CooVox provides a central phone book with which your company can store customer contact details. If a customer stored within the phone book calls your business then their name will be displayed on your phone so you know who is calling. CooVox supports click to dial from within the Phone book and also supports LDAP, so if you already have an Enterprise phone book then you now have the ability to synchronise it with the CooVox system.

  • intelligent call control

    Inbound calls can be intelligently routed to exactly where you need them to go, this includes to an IVR menu (e.g. press 1 for sales, 2 for support etc.), to an agent in a call queue or simply to an extension or a group of extensions. You can even have a combination of all of the above such is the flexibility and scalability of the system.

  • Extensive Voicemail capability

    Voicemail is a must have for those times when you aren’t available. CooVox integrated voicemail is bursting with features you wouldn’t expect from a system in this price range. You can recover your voicemails through your extension phone, play them through your own personal web based portal, or if you are away from the office, have them emailed to your email Inbox so can listen to them on the go.

  • powerful call management

    Managing calls in a busy office is critical to any business and with CooVox you are able to manage calls directly from your handset. All the features you would expect from a PBX are there including Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Parking, Call Pick-up etc. In addition to those mentioned, ZYCOO have added a host of other feature codes that you can use directly by inputting feature codes into your phone, for example you can add a number to a blacklist so that it can’t call you again.

  • comprehensive reporting

    CooVox has an impressive reporting capability and from a business perspective you are able to report on calls made and received (filtered by extension if required), call recordings and faxes. For the technical support teams there is extensive system and PBX reporting capabilities allowing a very comprehensive view of how the system is performing

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